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Germany type quick released clamp
Germany type quick released clamp Germany type quick released clamp Germany type quick released clamp

Germany type quick released clamp

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Product Attributes :

Band width: 9mm / 12mm

Screws Type: Head crossed or slotted type

Band Thickness: 0.6-0.8mm

Screw Type: Hexagon socket

Material: W1 / W2 / W4


Product Description


Germany type quick released clamp is good for closed system applications where the clamp must be disengaged to be applied. The swivel-action locking of screw to band makes installation and removal much faster.
Note: When choosing a clamp, measure the outside diameter of your hose with the fitting installed.

  • Germany type quick released clamp band and housing all in 300 series stainless steel or 316 series stainless steel . These Germany type quick released clamps are easy to install and remove due to the swivel action locking of the screw.
  • The large clamping range of the quick release clamps make them very versatile. Quick release worm drive clamps are used for closed system installations where the clamp must be opened to be fitted.


  • W1:all parts are carbon steel with zinc plated
  • W2: All material SS301 or SS304 with Galvanized Screw
  • W4:all parts are stainless steel,301ss and 304ss


Clamp Range   Band width
25-100mm 9;12mm W1,W2,W4
25-125mm 9;12mm W1,W2,W4
25-175mm 9;12mm W1,W2,W4
25-200mm 9;12mm W1,W2,W4
25-225mm 9;12mm W1,W2,W4
25-250mm 9;12mm W1,W2,W4
25-275mm 9;12mm W1,W2,W4
25-300mm 9;12mm W1,W2,W4
25-350mm 9;12mm W1,W2,W4
25-400mm 9;12mm W1,W2,W4
25-450mm 9;12mm W1,W2,W4
25-500mm 9;12mm W1,W2,W4
25-550mm 9;12mm W1,W2,W4
25-600mm 9;12mm W1,W2,W4
25-650mm 9;12mm W1,W2,W4
25-700mm 9;12mm W1,W2,W4
25-750mm 9;12mm W1,W2,W4
25-800mm 9;12mm W1,W2,W4


  • A general purpose Industrial Clamps.
  • Developed for Maintenance free, Long Life applications.
  • Extra strong interlocking won't pull apart.
  • No spot welds to rust, corrode or rupture.
  • Smooth underside insures most effective seal possible.
  • Hollowed band keeps positive grip, sustains extreme torque and vibration.
  • Stainless Steel Clamps provide significant advantages in strength, unlimited
  • torque and corrosion resistance.


  • Quick release worm drive clamps are good for closed system applications where the clamp must be disengaged to be applied. Rapid advance,pre-clamping,customized length,this clamp provides you with an adequate response any problems which occur.
  • They can be used in general purpose, mild-corrosive environments, cable bundling and hanging of light weight signs.

You can see some usage scenario in below picture.



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