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U bolt hose clamp
U bolt hose clamp

U bolt hose clamp

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Product Attributes :

Size: from 26mm to 130mm

Type: U-bolt

OEM/ODM:  Available

Material: carbon steel / galvanized steel / stainless steel

U Bolt: M8 / M10

Package: bag or carton


Product Description


U-bolts hose clamps have a rounded mounting plate that fully surrounds pipe, conduit, and tubing for a secure fit. Stronger than routing clamps and hangers, U-bolts support heavy pipe, tube, and conduit from ceilings, walls, and poles.

U-bolts hose clamps have primarily been used to support pipework, pipes through which fluids and gasses pass. As such, U-bolts hose clamps were measured using pipe-work engineering speak. A U-bolt hose clamps would be described by the size of pipe it was supporting. U-bolts hose clamps are also used to hold ropes together.


Material: carbon steel / galvanized steel / stainless steel



  • Bigger adjusting range
  • Evenly stress when fastening
  • Ideal fastener of all kinds of gentle and harsh pipes
  • Wrest resistant and high crushing strength
  • Corrosion resistant , and protects the rubber surface is not damaged


U bolt hose clamps mainly used for fixing vehicle and mechanical exhaust devices,adopting special molding structure and manufacturing process, 

You can see some usage scenario in below picture.


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