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Double bolts hose clamp
Double bolts hose clamp Double bolts hose clamp Double bolts hose clamp

Double bolts hose clamp

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Product Attributes :

Size: 35-45mm ~ 290-300mm

Band Width: 20mm / 24mm

Band Thickness: 1.0mm

Screws: M6 / M8

Break Toque: 15 Nm


Product Description


Double bolt hose clamps are ideal for clamping applications where additional torque is required. They are commonly used to secure hoses or pipework to couplings and can be used as a temporary or permanent solution.

  • Bolt lugs are reinforced to prevent bending out of alignment.
  • Inner surface has dual gripping edges

Band Width--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

  • W1 - All parts carbon steel with zinc plated
  • W2 - Bolts and shafts carbon steel, other parts SS301/SS304
  • W4 - All parts stainless steel 301/304
  • W4 - All parts stainless steel 316




double bolt clamp

Dimension Band Width Band Thickness Screw
35-45mm 20mm 1.0mm M6×45
40-50mm 20mm 1.0mm M6×45
45-55mm 20mm 1.0mm M6×45
50-60mm 20mm 1.0mm M6×45
55-65mm 20mm 1.0mm M6×45
60-70mm 20mm 1.0mm M6×45
65-75mm 20mm 1.0mm M6×45
70-80mm 20mm 1.0mm M6×45
75-85mm 20mm 1.0mm M6×45
80-90mm 20mm 1.0mm M6×45
85-95mm 20mm 1.0mm M6×45
90-100mm 24mm 1.0mm M8×60
100-110mm 24mm 1.0mm M8×60
110-120mm 24mm 1.0mm M8×60
120-130mm 24mm 1.0mm M8×60
130-140mm 24mm 1.0mm M8×60
140-150mm 24mm 1.0mm M8×60
150-160mm 24mm 1.0mm M8×60
160-170mm 24mm 1.0mm M8×60
170-180mm 24mm 1.0mm M8×60
180-190mm 24mm 1.0mm M8×60
190-200mm 24mm 1.0mm M8×60
200-210mm 24mm 1.0mm M8×60
210-220mm 24mm 1.0mm M8×60
220-230mm 24mm 1.0mm M8×60
230-240mm 24mm 1.0mm M8×60
240-250mm 24mm 1.0mm M8×60
250-260mm 24mm 1.0mm M8×60
260-270mm 24mm 1.0mm M8×60
270-280mm 24mm 1.0mm M8×60
280-290mm 24mm 1.0mm M8×60
290-300mm 24mm 1.0mm M8×60


  • Stainless steel heavy duty double bolt hose clamps having double screws providing it a high clamping force. 
  • Stainless steel heavy duty double bolts hose clamps has a double band making it a very strong heavy duty clamp.
  • Contains 2 bridges welded onto the clamp band for optimal hose protection.
  • Contains 2 pairs of solid metal rollers which complement the strength of the double band.
  • The Stainless steel heavy duty double bolt clamp allow for easy fitting on prefixed hoses. 


double bolt clamp are very popular to widely and applications such as:

  • automobiles
  • industry
  • agriculture
  • auto pipe 
  • motor pipe 
  • water pipe 
  • cooling pipe etc
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