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Double wire clamp
Double wire clamp Double wire clamp

Double wire clamp

Product Attributes :

Material: Screw, wires, bolt and washer are carbon steel

Wire diameter: 1.5 / 1.8 / 2.0 / 2.3  2.5 mm

Screws: hexagon head and flat head screw

Phillips type screw for hexagon head wire hose clamps

No tools are required for flat head wire hose clamps

2.0 Nm (18 in-lbs) recommended tightening torque

Product Description


Double wire clamps are used in applications of low tightening torque. The double wire clamps are flexible for a 360 leak-free seal. The wire hose clamps all parts are carbon steel with cr3+ coating under RoHS & REACH standard. And the screw types are available in hexagon head and flat head screw.

Attach hose to equipment fittings quickly and securely. Tighten by turning the screw with a screwdriver or hex head wrench. Spring steel double wire maintains pressure and holds hose securely in place. The Double-Loop design has tighter grip on hose.

Each size ring hose clamps designed to provide a secure and flexible option for connecting pipes to dust hoods, blast gates and other dust collection fittings.


  • W1: All material Galvanized Carbon Steel, Zinc Plated Steel.
  • W2: All material Stainless steel 201 or 301 or 304 with Galvanized Screw.
  • W4: All material Stainless steel 201,301,304.
  • W5: All material Stainless steel 316.


Double wire clamp
Dimension Range mm W1 W4
wire diameter screw wire dia screw
11-14mm 1.5 M5×30 2 M6×30
13-16mm 1.5 M5×30 2 M6×30
15-18mm 1.5 M5×30 2 M6×30
17-20mm 1.8 M5×30 2 M6×30
19-22mm 1.8 M5×30 2 M6×30
20-24mm 1.8 M5×30 2 M6×30
22-26mm 1.8 M5×30 2 M6×30
24-28mm 1.8 M5×30 2 M6×35
26-30mm 2.2 M6×40 2 M6×35
28-32mm 2.2 M6×40 2 M6×40
31-35mm 2.2 M6×40 2 M6×40
34-38mm 2.2 M6×40 2 M6×40
35-40mm 2.2 M6×40 2 M6×40
37-42mm 2.2 M6×40 2 M6×40
40-45mm 2.2 M6×40 2 M6×40
43-48mm 2.2 M6×50 2 M6×40
45-50mm 2.2 M6×50 2.3 M6×40
47-52mm 2.2 M6×50 2.3 M6×50
50-55mm 2.2 M6×50 2.3 M6×50
53-58mm 2.2 M6×50 2.3 M6×50
55-60mm 2.2 M6×60 2.3 M6×50
54-62mm 2.2 M6×60 2.3 M6×50
60-65mm 2.5 M6×60 2.3 M6×50
63-68mm 2.5 M6×60 2.3 M6×50
65-70mm 2.5 M6×70 2.3 M6×50
70-75mm 2.5 M6×70 2.3 M6×50
75-80mm 2.5 M6×70 2.3 M6×50
80-85mm 2.5 M6×70 2.3 M6×50
84-90mm 2.5 M8×70 2.3 M6×50
89-95mm 2.5 M8×70 2.3 M6×50
94-100mm 2.5 M8×80 2.3 M6×50
98-105mm 2.5 M8×80 2.3 M6×60
103-110mm 2.5 M8×80 2.3 M6×60
108-115mm 2.5 M8×80 2.3 M6×60
113-120mm 2.5 M8×80 2.3 M6×60


  • The main Feature is easy to use and fasten powerful. 
  • Simple release and tighten the screw to adjust the clamp diameter.
  • Lightweight, low profile, compact design allows ease of installation in restricted applications
  • Delivers a heavy duty, leak proof and corrosion resistant hose clamping tool Constructed out of premium grade stainless steel built for durability.



These carbon double wire clamps with zinc coating are perfect for rubber and PVC hoses, And work brilliantly with spiral wire dust collection systems, industrial vacuum cleaners, or even pool pump hoses.

It is widely used for pipe union joint of fire fighting/ship/disesl engine/machine tool.

You can see some usage scenario in below picture.

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