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Perforated endless clamp
Perforated endless clamp Perforated endless clamp

Perforated endless clamp

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Band Width: 9mm / 12.7mm

Material: W1 /  W2 /  W3 / W4, Stainless steel 

Product Description


The fact that this perforated endless clamp comes in rolls of 3m and 25m means that you can clamp diameters which standard clamps cannot cover. There is no need to know the application diameter beforehand as you can adjust the clamp to the diameter required on each occasion.

Perforated endless clamp is particularly suitable for carrying out retaining and repair work under difficult and extreme conditions.


SAE no band width
band length
band thick
Material Hosing Qty
MS03 12.7 3000 0.6 SS201/301/304/316 6
XM02 8 3000 0.6 SS201/301/304/316 6


  • W1: Galvanized steel band; Galvanized steel housing ; Galvanized steel screw
  • W2: Stainless steel band; Galvanized steel housing ; Galvanized steel screw
  • W3: Stainless steel band; Stainless steel housing ; Stainless steel screw


  • Adapflex perforated banding with separate housings is recommended for occasional use in applications with variable diameters.
  • perforated endless clamp of this clamp is quick, clean and easy. 


  • Irrigation systems
  • Railway industry
  • Building machines
  • Pump and filter
  • Retaining applications; sealing pipes during repair work
  • Attaching signs and containers
  • Binding hoses
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