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Mini american type hose clamp
Mini american type hose clamp Mini american type hose clamp Mini american type hose clamp Mini american type hose clamp

Mini american type hose clamp

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Product Attributes :

Model: American Type

Band: 8mm

Screw: M6 

Band thickness:  0.6mm” (0.024)

Material: W1, W2, W4, W5.

Size: 8~16mm -52~76mm




Product Description


  • Mini american type hose clamps are the popular general purpose in small hoses applications and narrow areas. They also called micro gear or worm drive type M clamps.
  • Mini american type hose clamp comply with SAE standard with perforated band, tiny housing with low free torque help to install clamps in narrow space & narrow pipe.
  • Band width 8mm (Mini hose clamps), with low free torque and high breaking torque.Accordance with SAE standard


  • W1 - All parts carbon steel with zinc plated
  • W2 - Hosing and screw carbon steel, band SS201/SS301/SS304
  • W4 - All parts stainless steel 201/301/304



SAE Size Dimension Qty/Ctn
mm in inch
4 6-16 0.25" - 0.62" 2500
6 11-20 0.44" - 0.78" 2500
8 13-23 0.50" - 0.91" 1000
10 14-27 0.56" - 1.06" 1000
12 18-32 0.69" - 1.25" 1000



  • The perfect smooth of band's brim, no burr on surface to damage the hose when installation. The design of convex-concave band is having more stable quality in heat or cold temperature.
  • The perfect smooth stamped band and burr-free flared edges prevent hoses from damaging during installation.
  • Welding on the back of housing.


American Type Hose Clamps are widely used in the vehicle, ship, construction, fire control, textile, the gasoline engine, the diesel engine, sprinkler irrigation machinery, mechanical equipment, the hose outlet gas and heating, they are necessary for all kinds of hose interface tighten connecting fittings.

  • W2: Hardware, Automotive Industry, Home DIY, Garden, low applying of the corrosion resistance.
  • W4: Heavy Industry, Food Industry, Machine, medium applying of the corrosion resistance.
  • W5: Marine, high applying of the corrosion resistance.

You can see some usage scenario in below picture.

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