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2 ear clamp
2 ear clamp 2 ear clamp

2 ear clamp

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Product Attributes :

Type: 2-Ear

Band width : 7mm / 7.5mm / 9mm / 9.5mm / 10mm

Material : zinc plated steel / carbon steel

Clamp size : 3-5mm~ 43-46mm

Bnad Thickness: 0.7 / 0.9 / 1.0 / 1.2 / 1.3 / 1.4 / 1.5 / 1.6 

Product Description


The 2 ears clamps do not have a dimple and nearly double the clamping range, compared to the 1-ear clamp. 2 ear clamp provide a degree of elasticity to accommodate changes in size of the parts being joined, such as that which may be caused by thermal expansion or vibration.

2 ear clamp design allows for quick and easy installation, the clamp is passed over the material that is to be mounted, to tighten; the ears on either side of the clamp are squeezed together,double ear clamp Manufactured using carbon steel zinc plated,galvanized steel.


Size (mm) Band Width Band Thick QTY/Carton
3-5mm 6mm 0.7mm 2000
5-7mm 6mm 0.7mm 2000
7-9mm 7mm 0.7mm 2000
9-11mm 7mm 0.9mm 2000
11-13mm 7mm 1mm 2000
13-15mm 7.5mm 1mm 2000
14-17mm 7.5mm 1.2mm 2000
15-18mm 7.5mm 1.2mm 2000
17-20mm 7.5mm 1.2mm 2000
20-23mm 9mm 1.3mm 1000
21-25mm 9mm 1.3mm 1000
23-27mm 9mm 1.4mm 1000
25-28mm 9mm 1.4mm 1000
28-31mm 9.5mm 1.4mm 1000
31-34mm 9.5mm 1.4mm 1000
34-37mm 9.5mm 1.5mm 1000
37-40mm 10mm 1.6mm 1000
40-43mm 10mm 1.6mm 1000
43-46mm 10mm 1.6mm 1000


These single ear clamps are composed of stainless steel, providing enhanced corrosion resistance.

  • Burr-free edges reduce damage to hoses being clamped
  • Stainless Steel Construction
  • Suitable for Tubing or Hose
  • Robust design for good,permanent sealing
  • Ideal for air and liquid lines
  • Fast ,Simple,Secure installation
  • 2-Ear design gives increased clamping range!
  • Deformation of ears provides visual indication that clamp is closed 

Install Correctly-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


  • 2 Ear clamp is especially suitable for industrial use and vibration equipment.
  • This is a medium pressure clamp widely used in maintenance and OEM applications.
  • Rubber hoses, plastic tubes, coaxial cables and power cables, ropes, etc. It is easy to clamp.
  • Steel 2 ear clamp is installed on air, fluid, gas and steam lines.

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